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Guilty Pleasures by Matt Tebbutt


Five Guilty Pleasures no-one should feel bad about

Matt Tebbutt’s new cook book Guilty Pleasures is all about embracing your favourite foodie indulgences. But as we’ve discovered, not all guilty pleasures can be found in the kitchen…

How much guilt is there in your life? That chocolate bar you shouldn’t have eaten? That top you shouldn’t have bought? That drink with a friend you cancelled because you were too tired?

Well enough’s enough – from now on we’re banning guilt – it’s toxic and the ultimate waste of time.

In this issue we embrace it and celebrate five guilty pleasures no-one should ever feel bad about.

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A little bit of what you fancy does you good! Guilty Pleasures by Matt Tebbutt transforms your sneaky treats and guilty pleasures into 130 easy, delicious recipes for family and friends.

We all know that a little bit of what you fancy does you good. In Guilty Pleasures, Matt Tebbutt takes your sneaky treats, like peanut butter, cream cheese, coffee and even booze, and puts them centre stage in 130 fun and delicious recipes. Enjoy great food such as tea-smoked chicken, raspberry cream cheese brownies, peanut butter ice cream, vodka-marinated steak, wide-awake chilli, Marmite potatoes, rum cupcakes with Baileys frosting and so much more…


Matt Tebbutt’s Guilty Pleasures: Your Favourite Sweet and Savoury Indulgences in 130 Easy Recipes