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Want to find out about some of the latest stories and best books coming out and how they inspire our daily lives, the relationships we have and all the things you love in your day to day life?

We all love getting our hands on a great new read, but in The Look Book, the book isn’t the hero, you are. We’ll talk about all the things in the book that inspire us to discover, be it the places, the clothes, the destinations, the music; with features on relationships, dating, fashion from the latest up and coming designers to masters of the catwalk, unique artists and photographers you won’t see in everyday life, street style of book readers, listen to music tracks on the move, watch video trailers of the latest films, see catwalk videos of clothes you may love and much much more…

We’ll also bring you lots of fun interactive ways to discover more about books, from chapter excerpts, author videos and interviews, to the destinations you want to read about, competitions to win free stuff, discounts on purchases, inspiration on new wardrobe looks and great films and music you love. In addition you can buy anything you see in the magazine APP, from clothing, to home wares, or book your holiday it’s all here in one click.

The Look Book Magazine is out every two weeks, as long as you have a mobile, tablet or your PC you can read it EVERYWHERE.

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