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Summer With Love by Sarah Morgan

Your Summer of Love

Summer With Love by Sarah Morgan follows the story of three triplets as they negotiate love and heartbreak across three different, and very romantic, locations.
The story spans Cornwall, Seville and Greece, but which is the perfect destination for your next romantic trip? Sign up for the first issue of Look Book magazine to read more…



Remember that summer when everything changed? Katy: Days away from marrying a man she doesn’t love, Katy’s shocked when fate throws her in the path of Jago Rodriguez – he may have left her years before, but now he’s back, more beautiful than ever and still makes her heart skip a beat…Libby: Spirited, impulsive and independent, Libby has no interest in relationships, until she comes face to face with a man who won’t give up and a date she can’t turn down! Alex: Wanted by every woman he’s ever met, Alex is totally unprepared when a stranger appears on his doorstep with a baby in her arms and turns his world upside down.