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The Resistance Man by Martin Walker

The Resistance Man by Martin Walker


In 1944 the French Resistance carried out a legendary train robbery at Neuvicin the Périgord, stealing the reserves of the Banque de France. The money was never recovered. In St Denis, Bruno, chef de police, can’t get a moment’s peace. He’s uncovered a cache of old bank notes that may have links to Neuvic. He’s also dealing with a wave of local burglaries. The victims include the recently retired head of Britain’s Joint Intelligence Committee, which has brought old flame Isabelle, who works for French Intelligence, back to the town.




The next burglary ends in murder, the victim’s bludgeoned body found by his lover – the prime suspect. But Bruno is on another track. Meanwhile, the Mayor introduces Bruno to Jacqueline, a historian from the Sorbonne who has a home in St Denis. She’s in the town to research the missing Neuvic money from a different – and deadly dangerous – angle. When Jacqueline’s home is subsequently burgled, the stakes become much higher. Jacqueline’s work, it becomes clear, is political dynamite.